KN-9725 Automatic Pour and Cloud Point Tester


KN-9725 Automatic Pour and Cloud Point Tester 


   KN-9725 Automatic Pour and Cloud Point Tester developed for classic determination of cloud point (CP) and pour point (PP) of petroleum products according to ASTM D97, ASTM 2500, ASTM D5950, EN 23015, ISO 3015, ISO 3016, IP 15. KN-9725 determines CP and PP in one test cycle with high precision in compare with manual methods. Unique integrated cooling system provides cooling of samples up to -80°С in a short time without any external chiller.


1. Fully automated control of testing process

2. Integrated cooling system for cooling bath up to -80°С without an external liquid chiller

3. Automatic lifting and rotating of the test tube

4. Determination of CP&PP in one test cycle

5. High precision of results with 0.1°C resolution

6. Optical measuring system

7. Pt-100 temperature probe

8. Built-in heater for the quick bath heating

9. Large color LCD display with touch screen

10. Internal memory (8Gb) to store tests results

11. Automatic diagnostic system

12. USB-port for external storage device or printer

13. LAN-port for network connection (LIMS support)

14. Connection to network printer

15. Remote firmware update

16. Compact design and high energy efficiency

Technical parameters

1. Temperature range: -80~51℃, ±0.1℃

2. Sample volume: 45ml

3. Cooling mode: Integrated cooling system without external chiller

4. Interface: USB, LAN

5. Power consumption: 500W

6. Rated voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz

7. Dimension: 500*440*770mm

8. Weight: 35kg

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