KN-5293Z Automated Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) Viscosity Apparatus


KN-5293Z Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) Viscosity Apparatus


    KN-5293Z Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) Viscosity Apparatus conforms to the SAE J300 and ASTM D5293 Standard Test Method for Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils and Base Stocks Between –5 and –35°C Using Cold-Cranking Simulator, which used for determining apparent viscosity of engine oils and base stocks by cold cranking simulator (CCS) at temperatures between –5 and –35°C at shear stresses of approximately 50 000 to 100 000 Pa and shear rates of approximately 105 to 104 s–1 for viscosities of approximately 900 to 25 000 mPa•s. The range of an instrument is dependent on the instrument model and software version installed. Apparent Cranking Viscosity results by this method are related to engine-cranking characteristics of engine oils.


Engine oil, lubricating oil, base oil 


1. Windows operation system

2. Full automatic test process, only need to inject sample, select test temperature

3. Compound compressor cooling with big cooling capacity

4. One button operation, no need operator monitors the tester

5. Test results can be saved and printed

6. Automatic calculates the test results after being calibrated by standard oil

7. Be able to edit, add and save all related data of standard oil, already built-in 23 kinds of standard oil data

8. Improved rotor, good repeatability under low torque test status

9. After the test, the tester will stop the test and warm up automatically for easy cleaning

10. After selecting the test temperature, software will give the recommended cooling temperature

11. Omron rotary encoder detects the rotating speed

12. Every temperature point has its own B value, also will display the corresponding curve

13. Be able to save 2000 pieces of test results

14. 1 hour is able to test 7 samples

15. Minimum sampling volume is 5ml

Technical Parameters

1.Temperature Range: external circulated ethanol bath temperature control range ~-70℃±0.1℃

2. Stator temperature can reach -40℃

3. Stator temperature accuracy: 0.05℃

4. Measuring range: 1000~27000mPa.s

5. Ambient temperature: 10~40℃

6. Relative humidity<85%

7. Power<2.5kW

8. Rated voltage: AC220V±20%

We use CANNON standard to calibrate our CCS.

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