KN-86Z Automatic Distillation Apparatus for Petroleum Products



KN-86Z Automatic Distillation Apparatus for Petroleum Products


KN-86Z Automatic Distillation Apparatus for Petroleum Products is a new designed distillation tester. It conforms to standard ASTM D86 Standard Test Method for Distillation of Petroleum Products at Atmospheric Pressure , which is suitable for testing distillation of light and middle distillates, automotive spark-ignition engine fuels with or without oxygenates, aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuels, diesel fuels, biodiesel blends up to 20 %, marine fuels, special petroleum spirits, naphtha, white spirits, kerosene, and Grades 1 and 2 burner fuels.



1.The apparatus can automatically measure and control all experimental process by the single chip microcomputer, 10-inch touching LCD screen displays all experimental process and show the temperature data, volume data and related curves

2.Accept the cylinder bath temperature via automatic control

3.The apparatus adopts quartz base plate

4.Automatic nitrogen outfire is OK

5.Track the liquid level automatically and control the flow velocity


Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage:AC220V±10% 50Hz or 110V±10% 60Hz


3.Temperature range: Environment temperature~400

4.Temperature control Precision:±0.1

5.Temperature sensor: RTD Pt100

6.Start heating to Initial distillation point time:5~15min

7.Distillation rate:4~5min

8.Residues in flask is 5 ml: less than 5 min

9.Initial distillation point temperature detection: Optical fiber sensors

10.Recycling volume measurement range:0~100ml

11.Recycling volume measurement precision:±0.1ml

12.Ambient requirements: Temperature 10~40;Humidity≤85%


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