KN-OXIDATE Metal Bath Oxidation Stability Tester


KN-OXIDATE Metal Bath Oxidation Stability Tester


   KN-OXIDATE Metal Bath Oxidation Stability Tester conforms to ASTM D2272, ASTM D2112, ASTM D7098 and ASTM D4742. The oxidation stability is place the test material in a stainless steel pressure chamber, is exposed to oxygen at a specific test temperature and pressure.


1.      It can test new and in-service oils, lubricating oils used in gasoline engine service, lubricating grease

2.      The metal chamber reduces the unpleasant odor emitted by the medium oil during the test, and eliminates the danger that may occur due to the long time test

3.      The instrument can automatically do detection, calculation and control, and the entire test process does not require personnel to be on duty, with a high degree of automation. Real-time communication with the host computer, the connection method is simple and reliable

4.      The benchtop design is small in size, and the metal bath no needs bath liquid

5.      Simple ventilation, no need to place it in a fume hood, and exhaust gas and odors can be easily discharged through plastic pipes

6.      Be able to do two tests simultaneously

7.      Be able to calibrate the calibration temperature and pressure to ensure the accuracy of pressure and temperature

8.      Windows microcomputer platform, better scalability. Automatically record data and test results during testing. The test history can be queried and compared, and the pressure change curve can be printed out. Automatically judge the pressure inflection point and automatically end the test

9.      Be able to select all corresponding standard in the software (ASTM D2272, ASTM D2112, ASTM D7098 and ASTM D4742)

Technical parameters

1.Rated voltage: 220V±10%

2.Heating power: 2500W

3.Pressure transmitter range: 0~1.6MPa, precision:±2‰

4.Temperature control range: Ambient~200℃, continuously adjustable

                                                     150℃ is mostly common used

5.Temperature control precision: ±0.1℃

6.Rotating speed: 100±5rpm

7.Angle between the oxygen bomb and the horizontal:30°

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